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Although i’ve been buying wine for a number of years and lately have been buying a larger range of wine with pricing from £5-£30 a bottle, last year i finally ventured into buying wines En Primeur. Basically En Primeur is when you buy the wine prior to it being bottled and that can take a year or more to happen depending on the wines. You pay for the actual wine itself up front (and delivery included with the wine society) and then once it hits the UK you either store it under bond or in reserve at their warehouse or pay the duty and vat to get your hands on it…

First venture is a total of 30 bottles of Rhone wines from http://www.thewinesociety.com/ and for those who don’t know The Wine Society, they are a mutual run for the customers (we all buy in for one share which is £40 but £20 back as a voucher) so apart from paying for their staff and other associated costs like buying and storing wine before releasing it for sale with some wines they are working for you, which means their pricing most of the time is by far the best you’ll get in the UK because you aren’t paying for larger profits being made or dividends to shareholders.

Laudun Cotes du Rhone Villages Ch Courac 2014 12 bottles ordered and worked out at £7.49 a bottle and drinking window is this year to 2022.

Plan de Dieu Cotes du Rhone Village Chateau Saint Jean 2014 12 bottles ordered and worked out at £8 a bottle and drinking window is this year to 2023.

La Rosine Rouge Collines Rhodaniennes Domaine Ogier 2014 6 bottles ordered and massively expensive (not really) worked out at £13.19 a bottle and drinking window is this year to 2022. This one is supposed to be similar to Cote Rotie, so if it’s close i’ll be pretty happy.

Getting my hands on them this Saturday direct from the warehouse whilst down at my mums darn sarth, mind i’ve ordered 9 bottles of Spanish to collect at the same time so i may have some wine at home come Sunday (already have about 35 bottles in a cupboard).

Have also got two other En Primeur offers on the go, ordered a 5th Growth Bordeaux last year which should work out about £22 a bottle which for a classified Bordeaux growth is a bloody bargain although once i get my hands on that next summer the drinking window doesn’t open till 2023 (fucks sake), and just had confirmation today that this years (2015 vintage) order of Rhone has been confirmed, only 18 bottles this time but not far off the price the 30 cost me so the quality should be upped a bit.

Will do an update to this once i have tried each of the three wines, to see how they are obviously and will stick the rest in a second cupboard as i have no room in the first one to store more wine…at least i might keep them a bit longer that way.