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After my blog post on Carrer de Blai and some of the pintxo bars along it, here is the first of at least a couple of longer blog posts to go with that main post and Koska Taverna will be the one to start with.

Koska is a Basque style taverna in Poble Sec, Barcelona and is run by a Basque and Argentinian partnership (who also run the new restaurant not too far away called Rioba).

Unlike the majority of places on the same street it is different as most of the other bars offer mainly pintxos but Koska also offers slightly more substantial plates as well. Some of the food on offer include tortilla (and it’s very good), tuna tartar, cheeses and various cured meats including very good chorizo.

Did i say the tortilla is very good, seriously the tortilla with chorizo is probably the best tortilla i’ve ever had.

They also do a small range of desserts.

There are a few beers on offer and the draught lager is Kronenbourg, and a good wine selection which is reasonably priced, and as it is a Basque taverna, you can get cider, for those not aware it’s nothing like the fizzy stuff you mainly get in the uk, a bit of a mix between that and still cider.

The ambience is lovely inside as although it can be busy, it never appears as manic as the rest of the street, probably due to the food offering being different and the lack of a need to grab pintxos in a mad rush along with everyone else in a bar does help.

A few tables outside and although not massive on the inside, there are some tables in the rear part whilst the bar area mainly caters for standing customers.

All in all, one of the better options on the street.