Why a Farmacia on every corner?

Well, i’ve been traveling to Barcelona on a very regular basis since 2001, first started going when Liverpool FC were drawn against FC Barcelona in the 2001 UEFA Cup Semi Final and just seems to have spun from there.

I have visited other places and not just Barcelona, though if you ask anyone who knows me they’ll tell you i’m a liar…

The name itself, well for anyone who has been there, at almost every turn you normally have in your view a green or red cross marking out that there is a Farmacia (Pharmacy) there. And it is a ‘in joke’ with my good mate, Lee, who clearly loves all the nice bright signs.

Going forward, as and when i actually can be arsed to write anything…will be a mixture of posts, ranging from trips away, trips at home, LFC, real ale reviews (pubs and the ales themselves possibly) and wine, badly learning Spanish (and hopefully Catalan).

Half tempted to put some items together from trips in the past, just to cheat a bit(or because i have some old euro away stuff online in other places…).


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