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Around nine months ago, on my now annual La Merce festival trip to Barcelona (one of usually 3-4 trips to Barcelona a year), three of us went on a pre-civil war tour with a young Irish lady called Catherine (see link below).


I should really do a write up on the tour but i’ve probably forgotten more than Catherine told us but it was thoroughly enjoyable with the added free weed to breathe in (if you’ve ever been through Jardins de Rubio i Lluch you’ll understand…). Catherine also does a civil tour in conjunction with Nick Lloyd who has been doing this tour for a little bit longer and Nick’s tour is also very good which will also mean Catherine will be very good as well (see link below).


What’s all this got to do with food, well at the end of the tour, Catherine takes you into the courtyard at the rear of the maritime museum and mentioned the menu del dia was good and only €10, well it had gone up to €11 or €16 at the weekend. On this trip the whole five of us did the weekend (and two of us the weekday just for comparison). The main difference is an extra dish at the start which was sardine or similar (can’t remember but here is a picture…)


What do mean there’s nothing there, as if i forgot to take a picture before scoffing it…

So that lovely dish was followed by crispy chicken starter, pork skewer with red rice and a curry sauce, a superb wine (as normal for a menu day dia the drink is included) and a fruit salad with ice cream for the dessert. So €16 for four courses and a large glass of lovely wine.

And here is the weekday version of green bean salad, burger with a blue cheese sauce and lemon sorbet for dessert (and a glass of wine again).

A bit of a hidden location but so glad i found out about it, as been back again at Easter and will be there again in September. It can get very busy so try and book, as one day earlier in the year i couldn’t get in for two hours so went elsewhere.