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I was going to put a picture up of me last time Everton won at Anfield but photography didn’t exist back then.

Last four home derbies have given us 12 goals for and 2 against which were yesterdays fuck up (our defending at set pieces hasn’t improved for years) and a lucky screamer from Jagielka back in 2014 which i missed as had only landed at Speke from holiday when it kicked off (my record for us playing at home closest weekend to 24th September is amazing – put your house on us playing at Anfield that weekend as i’m in Barcelona…).

I remember last time we lost an Anfield to a single goal from Kevin Campbell, actually no i don’t as it was in 1999, feels like last century when i was a young 27 years old…

We’re unbeaten in derbies since 17th October 2010, i was a slightly older 38 then. That’s 14 games which is a record shared with two Everton teams of past, so as we normally play at Goodison first these days, hopefully we can break that record right there. A win will also mean we’ve won more derbies at Goodison Park than they have which will give all Liverpudlians great delight in constantly reminding them.

We have the best home unbeaten record of 18 games from 2000 to current day.

Back to yesterday, i’ve not been well for three weeks and had only one day of feeling half decent in all that time, was due to go out Friday night but made a choice that if i did i might not be well enough for the match. Friday night cancelled, still felt rubbish yesterday but a couple of pints and a swift G & T to settle the nerves worked a treat for a change.

Everton came into the match with a far better current form than we had, we’d played poorly since December apart from games against the top six (or seven as it has now turned into) and they also had Lukaku who is the current league top scorer and you can see why after his marvellous performance yesterday…

Everton’s new manager Ronald Koeman was replaced temporarily by Joe Royle who let his dogs of war off the leash and yes i know we’ve got away with some red card tackles over the years (Kuyt at Goodison was great to be fair and he got away with it). Pube hair boy Barkley who got a yellow instead of a red in the last derby could have picked up a yellow (though others are saying possible red for that one but not seen it apart from at the match), then a red and another yellow for diving, he got away with one yellow but to be fair he was so poor if he’d been sent off it would have been better for the opposition rather than us. Williams should have got a red for a rake of studs down Can’s back and Davies was lucky with a yellow.

One soft goal conceded and three superb goals from Mane, Coutinho and Origi settled it yet again for the mighty fucking red men.

Long may our Derby superiority continue.