Took a while to actually blog this but there you go…started it in April after visiting it in December, what do you mean i’m slow.


My trip to Barcelona in December 2015 included a couple of touristy things for a change, second up was the Museu d’Història de Catalunya or the Catalan History Museum if you speak English.

Set in an massively impressive building (former trade warehouse) and now called Palau de Mar. Designed in 1881 (Restaurant on top floor is called Restaurant 1881) and finished in 1900.

On the ground floor and first floor and temporary exhibition areas, went to an exhibition on first as got a combined ticket for €6.50. Wasn’t the most exciting exhibition (on Marriage or similar from memory).

Second and third floor contain the main purpose of the museum, which is to show the history of Catalunya from it’s birth right up to the present day. Britain gets blamed a lot but basically we were backing Catalunya and changed our minds and screwed them over. there is so much to see in here and it took about three hours to go round and was well worth the entrance fee. Coming after the Born CC trip, it just re-iterated the culture of the Catalan people.

Apparently there is a decent restaurant on the roof, i had a quick look but it was our last day and had to go back for bag etc … Honestly, the restaurant is run by a couple of friends who have a lot of restaurants and i’ve always had good food at any of their places but since i haven’t eaten here i could never recommend it, though i doubt it won’t be anything but good.