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Well it is that time of year again, that time of year that the Catalan nation put on yet another festival, well yes they basically have something kicking off every day of the year, or so it always seems…

La Merce, a patron saint of Barcelona, official day is the 24th September, and th festival will normally finish on the Sunday closest to that date. Apart from last year but i won’t go into that cos i missed one of my favourite events that was the previous weekend due to the elections that took place instead.

What is La Merce, well it is something in the region of 600 events, things for children, loads of free live music (and some paid), castellers (human towers), a glorious wine festival (lucky i’m teetotal…), a piromusical at the magic fountain and by far my most favourite part of the festival, which i missed last year.

The magic and brilliance of a ‘correfoc’, a what now. Google it, seriously, it is utter bloody madness and you can get involved as much as you want, but take the advice and cover up. Skin and fireworks don’t always get on as i know from getting burnt on my first correfoc, by pure accident as i was mainly covered, just bad luck. Still a brilliant event i never want to miss.

Anything else to do, maybe. The city itself apart from the events and the areas they are in continue as normal, and yesssssssssss the bars and restaurants are open as normal, well most of them.

So, i will be enjoying the events, the castellers, the correfoc, loads of the wine festival and the lovely friendliness of the the Catalans.

And i will be seeing Barcelona based friends whilst i’m there with other friends on the trip as always.

Bona Nit!