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Used to do a bit of middle to long distance running as a kid, nothing spectacular but in the days of actually having a half decent level of fitness…

So i found out this morning via twitter that there is an annual half/full marathon that takes place in Priorat, starting and finishing in Falset, now i’ve only stayed in Gratallops, and the half marathon turns back to Falset at this point and its then mainly downhill from there.

Now, i am the heaviest (approx) and unfittest i’ve probably ever been and have dodgy knees probably due to being a fat bastard. Was due to join Sefton Meadows Leisure Centre anyway as swimming has always been good for me and very easy on the knees, so i may see if i can get weight off and see if i can actually do some running once i’ve lost a bit. And more cycling.

Half tempted to do it, with donations to charity (will probably try and split it 50/50 with a UK based one and a Catalan based one. I have no idea what charities to split it between.

So, first things first, get fitter and lose weight and get a few months of that done before seeing how the knees are for running. Will be good to find a local running club in Maghull area.

Pray for me.