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Need to catch up with a few things and got a busy month with work again.

Need to finish off the last two Duesseldorf pages (well i actually need to start…).

You’ll all be pleased to know i’ve got some more stuff to put up after my latest visit to Barcelona (stop sniggering at the back).

Farmacia Nadal which is the picture i use for the blog is on the world infamous La Ramblas in Barcelona, the street i only ever use these days to cross from El Raval to Bari Gotic.

Well last Sunday i was taking someone down the Ramblas and went passed Farmacia Nadal, and yep i forgot to take a picture so i could update the pic on the website.

Got the delights of a 4 day work course coming up with exams on day 5, so that will be taking priority as got a 250 page book to read and hopefully take some of it in prior to the course.

Oh and it’s Derby weekend (Everton v Liverpool) which i absolutely hate, even if i’m at the match, even if Liverpool are 8-0 up, i still hate it whilst it is still being played.

Up the REDS