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Will go into a bit more detail over the coming weeks and months on part of my trip last September into Catalunya and a day over to Aragon, but i did 3.5 days in Spanish Civil War country mainly around the Ebre river (Ebro in Spanish) and the villages and towns close by.

Two harrowing parts of this (which i will go into more detail at a later point when i have the time) were the visits to the destroyed villages of Corbera d’Ebre and Belchite. To say i was chilled to the core was a massive understatement, though both villages have the new villages there, Corbera is on a hill and the new village is below, Belchite has the new village next door separated by yards.

More to come on that in a few weeks, but everyone i met during this part of the trip were lovely and very welcoming even when they knew what i was there for, as it is still not really spoken about, but there is a organisation running things for the Ebre river part.