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Saturday was mini-golf day, it was also German day, yes i know we were already in Germany so it’ll be ‘German Day’ every day, but meal out that evening with our German friends who we’ve known most of them for the last ten years.

A few delicate faces met up at lunchtime, always good to see the state of some of your fellow travelers when they clearly look far worse than you (yes it is possible for that).

U-bahn tram over to the first stop over the Oberkassel bridge for the short walk along the Rhine to where we’d seen the mini-golf sign the day before. Finally after walking to Denmark it appears, and even better it sells bier! Two non golfers were in charge of the beer and the table to keep the beer on whilst the rest of us pretended to have a clue what we were doing.

I’ve no idea who won in the end, because not once was it mentioned at all by Lee Jones, nope he never did mention it at all, the jammy bastard.

We had a 7pm date, so what do we do when we find no tram for 8 minutes at the stop to go back to Hotel prior to going back out? Yep, the bar next to the tram stop was used for a brief interlude and obviously no chance whatsoever of drinking the beer in time for THAT tram.

Meeting place for the meal was Brauerei Kurzer, barrel of beer was there for us when we got in to meet all of our friends. Food was ok but just about ok, a few said theirs was poor, so somewhere not to eat at next trip.

Off for more beer, and we end up at Uerige (after a brief two drink stop at Et Kabuffke the Killepitsch bar, where most just get served through the open pane of glass in the window of the bar – saves going in…), another brewery bar, absolutely loads of people drinking outside with waiters going past every few minutes with trays of Alt Bier (heaven), and an arrival of an oompah band (Dutch by all accounts) who proceeded to play loads of tunes, one apparently a Koeln song, so that was always going to go down very well in these parts…

Last stop of the night for those of us left out, was what we call the ‘Woy Hodgson bar’ or Zur Uel to give it the proper name, owls everywhere…

I think we went somewhere else before here as well but memory faded a bit as it was three weeks ago, or more the fact a bit of alcohol had been consumed.

As always, many thanks to all of our German friends who came out, and Lahs for coming all the way from Frankfurt to see us, and getting the 5am train home.

Oh, and just in case, Lee won the mini-golf in case you wanted to know.