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Considering we had basically been out all day from before lunch till sometime after midnight, i felt pretty good, even though i first woke up at 6.35am (did this every day for some reason – never do it when i need to for work).

As i’d paid for brekkie (130 odd quid for 4 nights was a pretty good buy) and a decent spread of items, being Germany, loads of cheese and meats, boiled eggs, scrambled eggs and the daily different sausage.

And coffee, which after the long day and lack of sleep was always welcome.

Today was boat trip day, i decided to wander off for a walk and 90 minutes later got back to the hotel for a 20 min rest before we all headed off back towards the Rhein. Waiting in the hotel for everyone to turn up, time for a quick Alt Bier. Once we arrived and Mr Hughes got us a discount on the boat due to there being ten of us and forty five minutes to grab a beer, and since there are loads of bars on this part of the Rhein, we sat down waiting for a waiter, and waiting and waiting and waiting. Fifteen minutes to get served and then nigh on same amount of time for them to turn up, leaving us with another fifteen minutes to drink up.

An hours mini cruise on the Rhein, we didn’t exactly go anywhere but not long after getting on we were asked if we wanted drinks, no of course not (round of drinks procured).

After getting off the cruise and losing one member, we all headed off to Oberkassel, which is on the opposite bank of the Rhein, not as many bars but also not as manic. First stop was a little bar and we grabbed some food in here. Choices taken were bockwurst, chilli, goulash. And Toast Hawaiian, which was taken by three people, all requested no pineapple, so Toast then…

The girl behind the bar must have thought she was going to have a quiet day with one customer until we turned up, but she coped well with our mob.

Another five to ten minute walk away to the Alter Bahnhof brewpub, a former train station where we had more pils or Alt bier outside. Lovely place and more importantly its on the junction where the U-Bahn trams split so a choice of trams to get back to Altstadt, where that night we were joined by Ulli, Christian and Selina for more beer at Tills Eleven (the Fortuna bar) and pizza which the bar ordered for us from a pizza place down the road, and good pizza it was and very cheap.

End of day two.