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Not in the sense it has somewhere with the world’s longest bar, but hundreds of bars in the Altstadt area of the city, in fact Bolker strasse has loads of bars alone and all the street running off have quite a few as well.

Why Duesseldorf, well over ten years ago we made friends with a few Bayer Leverkusen fans, and this is the first time we’ve been over without seeing a football match whilst there. We’ve been to Koeln and also stayed in Leverkusen once, but we sem to prefer Duesseldorf, might be something to do with the aforementioned bars…

The normal crew were going (The Hughes duo, the Jones duo and Sarah), though Larry and i turned up a bit later at Manchester due to the fact we parked off airport and security were taking the piss. My bag got searched due to a mysterious item in an end pocket. The mysterious item was a large book on the Spanish Civil War, suppose i could have hit someone hard with it.

Five minutes is all i had to have a beer due to the issues in security and the plane wanting to leave, coupled with the awful and slow service at The Grain Loft bar in the terminal, two staff to serve alcohol and take orders is like Wetherspoons, though i’ve never ever paid £4.50 for a bog standard bitter in a Wetherspoons. Nice pint mind but only got two out of five on my tripadvisor post due to the lack of staff and the price.

Really couldn’t be arsed with a drink on the plan even though i was asked and wasn’t my round…

First time into Duesseldorf Airport for me and the gang had a wander to the S-Bahn platform and within thirty minutes we were at our hotel really early (11am) and all apart from one were able to get our rooms. Nice hotel is the Duesseldorf Mitte, just under ten mins from main station and a fifteen minute walk to the Altstadt.

Located the Finns on the trip who were surprise surprise already at a bar, so we err decided to join them.

Rest of the day was mainly drinking (an ongoing theme for the long weekend) and mostly in a Fortuna Duesseldorf bar that evening.

Last but by no means least, was the visit to the kebab sop next to the hotel to soak up the evening beer, before bed.

Part two coming up or Friday as it was called (if i can remember what happened on the Friday…)